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September 11th, 2008

Signing the Register

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I must be going up in the world.

I logged in last night to do my usual posting & checked out my blog stats to see how many people don’t visit this blog. I thought I’d logged in to someone else’s site because the number of visitors were four times the usual average.

It turns out that someone has written an article at the Register which links back to my blog entry about the wheelie bin police. The graph of my visitor stats must look like a police blogger doing paperwork when PSD knock on the door; all little peaks & troughs with a massive big spike.

So hello if you’ve found your way here via the Register, although, judging by today’s stats, you’ve probably buggered off back to the Register for some proper reading material.

A Post a Day for One Year update

If I don’t have a heart attack & Professional Standards don’t knock on the door, tomorrow’s the day!!!