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September 7th, 2008

Pile ’em on

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Let nobody be in any doubt of Labour’s committment to do something about law & order.

Proof, if If proof were needed, lies in the amount of new laws introduced since the present government came to power. There are now over 3,600 new offences since 1997, an average of 320 a year or nearly one a day! Lots & lots of new laws to help make the country a safer place.

Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne, said: “In what conceivable way can the introduction of a new criminal offence every day help tackle crimes when most crimes that people care about have been illegal for years? This  legislative diarrhoea is not about making us safer because it does not help enforce the laws that we have one jot. It is about the government’s posturing on punishments.”

You might be comforted to learn that it is now officially illegal to cause a nuclear explosion, it seems strange that while it was perfectly legal to cause one, nobody ever has in this country. Let’s hope things don’t go the same way as prohibition of alcohol in the States!

One other law causes me & the Weeks family much angst. We are plagued in the vast rolling landscapes that are the gardens at Weeks Towers with grey squirrels who steal all the food we leave out for the birds. I thought a reasonable measure would be to round the little buggers up & sell them at the local market. Frustratingly, the Labour government have now made it illegal to sell a grey squirrel, bugger.