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September 1st, 2008

In the wrong job

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Did anyone see ‘Dragons’ Den’ this week?

I saw it last evening on the repeat show. There was a woman on the show pitching for £70,000 for her French furniture business.

Juliette Thomas is a single mother with 4 children under 8. At the time of filming she was running a limited company (or PLC whatever they’re called these days) as the sole director with a turnover of over £140,000 a year, she’d just sold a nanny business for £11,000 & stated that she was currently on state benefits & wasn’t taking any salary from her businesses.

This raised a few eyebrows amongst the Dragons & I confess both mine disappeared off the front of my head for a while.

She said that in order to cover the future loss of state benefits she would need to take £60,000 in wages as soon as the company started to make a profit. I don’t know if I;m interpreting that correctly, can a single woman with 4 kids actually get 60 grand from the state a year?

You can see an excerpt of her in the show at the Dragons’ Den home page, but I guess it will only be there for a few days.