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August 28th, 2008


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Don’t you just hate it when people who don’t do your job make changes to it in the guise of improvement. It’s all the more frustrating when the changes they make actually do the opposite & make your job more difficult.

Take Command & Control systems. This is a computer software programme with which we manage all the assignments & resources available to us. Us Comms Ops are extremely familiar with our systems. We use them every minute of the day, we know what works well & what doesn’t. From time to time there will some minor tweak here & there, maybe an additional keystroke added to access something a bit quicker, or the addition of some piece of information.

We’ve just had a change to the system. Someone who doesn’t have to work the system day in & day out has come up with a fantastic wheeze which he thought would improve our lives. I can’t go into any detail but the upshot is that it is now far more difficult to access vital information which we do hundreds of times a day. We now have to take two to three times as long to find out the same  information we did before.

The change cost thousands of pounds for an outside software developer to implement. It was implemented without discussion with the end users & I’ve not met one single person who has a good thing to say for the changes. To change it back will presumably cost even more thousands & will be an admission that someone got it wrong.