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August 10th, 2008

Cop Trumps

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So Hampshire Police & Portsmouth City Council have come up with a radical way to get down with the kids; they’ve released a set of Top Trumps featuring members of the local policing team. The cards have a photo of the officer/PCSO together with facts & figures with which kids can play the Top Trumps game, measuring, for instance, pedal power, agility, problem solving & strength against other cards.

I’m not sure who was first but Merseyside Police also have a set featuring the Mounted Section.

West Yorkshire Police clearly don’t feel photos of their own officers will go down quite so well so they offer a set of Top Trumps on their website which feature local Rugby stars.

Northamptonshire Police have a set of 24 cards featuring local officers.

Amazingly innovative, these cards, except we were doing them maybe 20 years ago. They came in sets & all the local schools were encouraged to approach officers to ask for the cards to complete their sets. We were encouraged to patrol near schools at chucking out time so that the kids would speak to us. We handed them out during school visits. I must see if I can find a set, I’m sure there must be a set or two in the loft.

Perhaps I can get them on the Antiques Road Show.