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August 8th, 2008

Woof, woof

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More doggy capers in the news recently.

The ACPO guidelines on the use of police dogs are being re-written. Peter Vaughn, deputy chief constable of South Wales Police is the mouthpiece on them.

He is quoted as saying, “The draft guidelines outline a general principle that forces should consider what steps can be taken to avoid offending people. This might include different categories of people such as those with a fear of dogs, for example, or asthma sufferers who may be sensitive to dog hair.”

The response in the national press is unsurprisingly one of piss-taking & derision. The Express sums it up with their headline “Sorry Sir, is it all right if we set our police dog on you?”

I’ve not seen the guidelines so I have no idea if the DCC’s comments have been taken out of context. Either the press are picking up on an element & extrapolating it to the nth degree for a story – the press doing that, surely not – or someone really has forgotten that the job of the police is to police