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August 7th, 2008

Make mine a Gallon

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It had to happen; with people selling their second cars, hauliers going out of business left, right & centre & me walking twenty miles to work in order ti earn enough cash in a day to pay for a teaspoon of petrol (that last bit was a lie, I actually use a 3litre turbo to get to work). The police are being told to cut down on fuel bills.

Apparently, the Met’s fuel bill has gone up £1.5million to £12.2million. It’s 6,500 vehicles cover 63million miles a year.

Devon & Cornwall’s fuel bill has risen by £500,000.

Some forces are advising officers of ways to use less fuel. Driving at 50mph rather than 70, turning the engine off at traffic lights – which reminds me of a chap who was also low on fuel, rather than turn his engine off at the traffic lights, he turned it off on a hill, so he could coast down the hill into town. Sadly he forgot that by doing so, the hill was on a bend, he managed to engage the steering lock & the 3p he saved in fuel costs was somewhat wiped out by the £3,000 repair bill for his car & the £6,000 his insurance had to fork out for a lady’s rebuolt wall.

What else was there, oh yes, to turn the air conditioning off. Air conditioning? I never had air conditioning in my police cars.

In fairness, these new guidelines, which apparently will form part of the new police driving manuals, are not designed to restrict going like a bat-out-of-hell on emergency shouts.

I remember in the early 80s we had restrictions on petrol. The panda cars were restricted to 30 miles a shift, traffic cars had a bit extra. Woe betide anyone who went over their limit per shift. There were inspectors whose job it was to go through the vehicle log books each day just to check nobosy had done more than 30 miles. There were apocryphal tales of people jacking the rear axle up & sticking the car in reverese for an hour or so to wind the clock back.

There’s nothing really new in modern policing.