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August 4th, 2008


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Being a police officer, I find it very satisfying to hear about different sections of society advancing equality with us white, heterosexual males.

It was with great pleasure that I embraced the news that females are doing their bit to catch up with us blokes.

To show how much deserved progress they are making one needs only to check out the figures for violent attacks which shows that those done by females have doubled in 5 years.

Last year, 87,200 women & girls were arrested for violent attacks, about 240 a day, way to go girls!

Critics say that there are clear links between an increase in females attacking & increased drinking opportunities which they say has been fuelled by 24 hour drinking (if there ever was such a thing).

I have my doubts that the relaxed licensing laws have anything to do with it really. I mean, let’s look at the stats;

2002/03 – 42,200 females arrested

2003/04 – 53,500 an increase of 11,300

2004/05 – 66,800 an increase of 13,300

2005/06 – 78.900 an increase of 12,100, this is the year the new drinking laws came in

2006/07 – 87,200 an increase of 8,300.

I’m no statistician but the increase year on year was not so great after the law changed as it was before.

Perhaps if pubs really were open 24 hours instead of a few extra hours in some of the pubs then we might follow the pattern and even get a decrease in the amount of female violence. But what would that do to embrace equality?