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July 11th, 2008

Another Government Con

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Is this bloody car tax palava a joke or what?

The spin is that if the government tax people with certain types of vehicle more, they will get rid of them & get more eco-friendly cars. Great in theory. I drive a car which is older than 2 of my kids & one of them is doing O-levels. Why do I drive this car & not a newer model? Because all my money goes on my house & my family & I haven’t got enough to buy a car.

I already have loans, I’m in debt up to my arse with a mortgage & just about managing to keep our heads above water, financially. I’ve had a piss-taking wage rise of which the government have kept part of this year. My wife & I decided it was best for the future of our family that she give up work & bring up our children, something she has done brilliantly. But even with a decent (single) wage we haven’t got enough money to replace vehicles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my income, I get paid reasonably well & my life choices (wife at home) mean I don’t have as many things as some others, but I know I have much more than a lot of folk.

I just get so bloody annoyed when the government want to raise £1.5billion extra cash they take it off the motorist because it’s easy & it’s far more difficult to stop all the bloody fraudsters taking similar amounts illegally.

July 10th, 2008

Just a little one

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Ooh er, Mrs!

Another lazy post today, busy weekend coming up & all that.

Don’t you love it when you stop a fellow officer?!?

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Only one summer left…… (whenever it arrives)

July 9th, 2008

Absolute Scum

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I may have mentioned something like this before  but whenever I see it I just so bloody angry.

I shouldn’t be surprised really, I mean I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with the scum of the earth. No matter how many you see there is always something qhich is picqued when you see another.

Corporal Darren ‘Daz’ Bonner was blown up in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in May 2007. He was the lead Signaller serving with A (Norfolk) Company Group, 1 Royal Anglian Battlegroup. Regardless of the rights & wrongs of our Amy being there, he was a soldier carrying out his duty in a dangerous environment for which he gave his life.

Darren’s mother is, as we speak, walking with 9 other bereaved mothers from the Royal Anglian Regiment, to raise money in the memory of their fallen sons,  as they walk for several days to Duxford in Cambridgeshire, arriving during the air display this weekend.

So while Darren has given his life for this country, his mother continues to give by raising money for charity in her son’s name.

Meanwhile, some low-life scum sucking piece of shit has gone to Darren’s grave and stolen the brass plaque placed by his mother. They’ve probably melted it down & sold it to some dodgy ‘scrap metal merchant’. These fucking worthless toe-rags who leech off society, have never done a day’s honest work in their life & have absolutely no concept of morals.

If they are ever caught I suggest we get some of the lads in the Regiment to tie them to some electric fence by the bollocks & then take turns doing bayonet practice for their next stint in Afghanistan.

You can read messages from Darren’s family, friends & others at the Lasting Tribute website. Sadly, thanks to someone who isn’t fit to lick that soldier’s boots,  it seems that the internet has been a longer lasting memorial than his grave.


July 8th, 2008


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People keep asking me what I’m going to do when I retire. I don’t really have much of an answer for them, to be honest. Lounging around on my arse, playing on the internet probably is not an option, as appealing as I find it.

I’ve still got a mortgage & kids to put through university, so some kind of paid employment really is a given.

The question then arises as to what kind of job I might be able to get. There’s obviously only two real choices, do I seek employment as a civilian with my force or do I go outside. It’s a big choice. It’s one of taking the safety net or the unprotected road. If I stay in the force, there’s no surprises (I know who crap they are at ’employing’ people & how they treat them, but it’s a guaranteed wage – provided they have me). Whereas going outside is pretty frightening; getting a job is not a given, I’ve got no skills other than coppering, I’ve not done an interview since I applied to join the police over 30 years ago.

The other option, with which I’m not meeting with much success so far, is getting the wife to go out to work while I lay about the house, lounging on my arse & playing on the Internet. Much like I do now but for longer.

July 7th, 2008

TV Treats

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I’m watching "The Man with Twenty Kids" on BBC 1. I’m actually watching it now, live, as I type. Blogging at the cutting edge!

I’ve seen men like 49-year-old Mike Holpin, the said man with twenty kids. He makes Homer Simpson look like Stephen Hawking. A drunken layabout who is so thick he hasn’t realised that sticking your old man where the sun doesn’t shine has consequences. One of my favourite of his quotes was talking to a room full of the 12 kids he currently lives with; "Don’t fucking swear! Bunch of fucking morons, I never fucking swore in front of my parents." Class.

Mike is an alcoholic, his speciality is Strongbow. I;m quite partial to a bit that myself, I somehow now feel dirty by association. Mike says when he’s sober the day passes so slowly as he’s got nothing to do, getting drunk makes the day go quicker.

He lives in a 3-bed council house with hsi wife & 12 kids, there seem to be various associated adults around the place too. Kids age in range from 3 or 4 to teenagers. I didn’t hear whether he or his Mrs work but he did refer to his money lasting from one pay-day to the next. Maybe that’s what they call Giro day where he comes from.

Mike got done for drink driving. He ended up serving 5 1/2 weeks of a 16 week prison sentence.

Ah, he’s just said that he is desperate to work & wants to earn £500 a week but wants to quit the booze first. So no chance of him ever working, then. 

The house is typical of those houses we get the good firtune to visit on a regular basis, no wallpaper, writing on the dirty walls, smashed windows, clothes that haven’t seen a box of Daz (do they still make that?) for months. The kids look like they are just about feral.

The programme has ended now. Apparently, Mike is still getting treatment for his alcohilism & one of the problem older kids is still attending school, so that’s nice.

I don’t know whether to be annoyed or saddened or both, really. Annoyed at Mike, saddened that by his direct actions & inaction, there will likely be another 20 households in a similar state within the next 20 years, & probably much sooner in the case of the teenagers.

If you’re really lucky, you might find this on BBC iPlayer over the next week.

July 6th, 2008

Another Own Goal

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There seems to be a bit of a thread developing here.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake has just been fined £1,350 & ordered to pay £500 compensation & costs after attacking a doorman in Plymouth. He attacked the nightclub security man with his girlfriend’s handbag(!) causing a 3" cut to the victim’s head.

I wonder if anyone can possibly hazard a guess at what Ebanks-Blake does for a living – yes he is employed.

A hard one, eh? OK, I’ll fill you in; he’s a professional footballer, plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers (are they still classed as ‘professional?) & was convicted at Plymouth Magistrates Court last week.

July 5th, 2008

Yes Sergeant, No Sergeant

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Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary has said that police standards are slipping because sergeants lack the fibre to keep PCs in line.

It went on to say that constables no longer respect the rank & are becoming more lazy, untidy & rude.

Apparently, the reason this is happening is because sergeants are worried about challenging PCs because the culture has gone from being one of discipline & respect to that of challenging authority & taking out grievances against sergeants.

I have to say that I recognise this analysis, it appears to be an exact mirror of the rest of society. It’s what happens when you introduce a culture which encourages everyone to be a victim rather than make them responsible for their own actions.

Back in the day, part of the selection process for being a sergeant was that you knew the law & you could command a group of officers. Sergeants were officers with a number of years’ experience. It was exceedingly rare to see someone promoted with less than five years’ service & frequently not less than ten. These days it’s not unusual to see acting sergeants with three years in who still have the cradle marks on their arse. Never mind a day out on the front line, lots of them look like they need permission from their mummies to be out at night & I swear I saw one of our sergeants doing a paper round this week.

The only requirement for promotion is the ability to provide a set of stock answers to diversity questions which the promotion system want to hear, that and an willingness to toe the party line. An ability or lack thereof to do the job is largely immaterial. People get promoted because the system no longer recognises the ability to say "no, you’re not good enough" lest someone sues someone.

There is no discipline in the force these days.

July 4th, 2008

Cop for Hire

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In a story this week which doesn’t appear to have received much publicity at all, it was said that Norfolk police were looking into the possibility that their officers & staff could be hired out to the local community to raise cash for the force.

It said that cops could soon be patrolling local schools, colleges & shops & could offer specialist driving lessons & car servicing. The initiative is being piloted in Norfol & includes PCSOs which culd see them raise £500,000 which would be equivalent to a 1% rise in the force’s council tax share.

Chief Constable Ian McPherson is quoted as saying, "There are opportunities out there. We should be looking to exploit the market."

It strikes me as rather odd that a police force should need to raise extra funds towards front line policing when 100% of that cash should come from the government (tax-payer). I’m reminded of all that charity work which ought to be funded by the government but isn’t – for instance the RNLI, medevac helicopters etc – whilst there is some understanding that the government don’t fund some of those things which raise money by charitable means, I can see no reason why something as fundamental & important as law & order should need to look at alternative methods of funding.

And did they say that officers could be patrolling schools, colleges & shops? or is that ‘the community’? I thought that was one of our fundamental roles. Oh silly me, we don’t patrol anything these days do we; we have more officers than any time in history & don’t have enough to deal with all the calls we get every day without doing useful things like patrolling our community, reducing the fear of crime & making streets safer.

July 3rd, 2008

Welcome One & All!

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I’d like to welocme lots of new visitors this week. Occasionally someone posts a link to one of my blog entries & I get loads of visitors as a result. Well this week I’ve got two lots of new visitors.

Welcome to all the folk from ‘‘ who have come over to read my entry on the chap who lost his appeal against a speeding ticket. Pepipoo is, as far as I can make out, a site where you can get loads of advice to get out of a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, the discussion of my entry on their site is blocked unless you are part of their paying members, so I’ve no idea what they’re saying. Doubtless, lots of stuff about how wrong it was that the learned professor lost his case & had to pay costs.

Welcome also to all the folks from the ‘psychForums‘ who have linked in to my story about the rapist freed from Broadmoor despite still being a grave threat to women. It seems the psychs think that the quoted phsychiatrist has got her diagnostic criteria muddled up. Personally, I haven’t a clue, but welcome all the same!

July 2nd, 2008

I’d just like to thank…

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While we’re on the subject of footballers:

Second recipient of the 200weeks Doh! Award for Hindsight goes to ex Arsenal footballer, Michael Thomas, who was a passenger in a vehicle being stop-checked by police in London last week.

When asked who he was, for some inexplicable reason he chose to give a false name. Unfortunately for him, the details he gave was of someone who was wanted by police for burglary. Thomas was duly arrested & taken to Chingford police station where he had to explain that he had given false details & wasn’t, in fact, the man wanted for burglary.

A police source claims he is now considering making an official complaint, doubtless it won’t be a yellow card or even a red card which Thomas is issuing to East London police, it will be, yes, I set them up & you knock them down, the race card.

He might want to consider not playing the ‘arse’ card next time he’s stopped.

July 1st, 2008

Own Goal

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Following on from the dreadful examples of public figures (Naomi Campbell & Amy Shitehouse) who don’t have the good grace to act like decent human beings, another one hits the headlines today. 

Millionaire footballer, Joey Barton, was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment (suspended for two years) for a serious assault on a fellow Manchester City team member Ousmane Dabo. The incident happened during a training session & involved the violent thug beating Dabo unconscious. Their Manchester City team-mate Georgios Samaras said he had never seen such a violent incident on a football pitch in all his career, stating he would "never forget it".

If someone can do that to a work colleague & team-mate, what sort of violence is he capable of on a complete stranger?

Funny you should ask that, take a look at this video:

That is CCTV footage of the same Joey Barton knocking seven bells out of a member of the public after a drunken night out in December, for which he is currently serving a six month prison sentence. (he was produced from prison for today’s sentencing)

Barton is currently under contract to Newcastle United who have said they want ‘talks’ with Barton at their earliest convenience.

Barton evinces all that is wrong with British society at the moment. It’s time that people realised that those who are catapulted into the highest earners in the country by dint of trousering millions of pounds of ordinary people’s cash have a duty to behave like the roll models people hold them up as. I just hope Newcastle have the moral guts to do the right thing. Barton isn’t worthy of carrying on the sponge at half time.