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July 29th, 2008


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I read a letter in the Daily Express (I’m not a regular reader, honest, it was lying around at work), which I thought sums up quite a lot of people’s views on current sentencing. Well, I say current, actually it’s been like this for the last 30 years to my knowledge.

Basically, it compared the recent cases of the ‘disappearing canoist‘ who with his wife’s conivence, defrauded an insurance company & the case of two thugs who attacked Thomas Walker in Blackpool almost killing him.

In the second case, two 15-year-olds attacked a man who was on crutches with a broken leg. He was beaten to the ground & savagely attacked with his own crutch. He was left in intensive care with a one per cent charge of survival. Miraculaously he survived after part of his brain was removed, he will suffer consequences of the attack for the rest of his life. One of his attackers received a two-year youth custody sentence while the other received one year’s youth referral order.

Compare & contrast to Mr & Mrs Darwin, who pretended Mr darwin was dead in order to gain £250,000 insurance money. They were sentenced last week to over 6 years in prison.

The correspondent in the Express notes that the conclusion to be drawn from this comparison is that the legal system will put you away for three times as long for defrauding a very rich financial corporation which can afford to write off the financial loss many times over, than if you literally beat a fellow human being within an inch of their life.