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July 23rd, 2008

My Last Pay Rise

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It seems only a few months ago that the government was giving us a pay award of 2.5% with one hand & taking back 0.6% with the other by refusing to back-date it.

The next battle for this years’ award started at the beginning of July with the negotiating body putting in an early claim for a 3.5% rise for 2008. They are looking at 5 to 6% for support staff. (some hope)

I have no doubt that  a) we won’t get anywhere near 3.5% in September – the traditional month for our annual pay rise, b) whatever rise we do get will be several months past September while we threaten to take them to court again & c) even when it does come it won’t be backdated, thus saving the government even more cash which they can use to purchase Ikea goodies for their second homes.

Finally, I predict that due to this year’s award not actually coming in 2008 or being backdated to September, that  I won’t get any more pay rises at all as a serving police officer.