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July 20th, 2008

YouTube Arse

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My latest Tosser of the Week award goes to one Andrew Kellett of Leeds, dubbed as one of Britain’s Dumbest Criminals last week after receiving an ASBO. He has been banned from boasting about his unlawful activities via YouTube having posted over 80 films of himself breaking the law & engaging in fuck-whit type behaviour.

His directorial career, which is about as low as his IQ includes videos of him bilking from a Tescos Petrol Station, street racing in vehicles at high speeds, taking class A drugs. He has a string of convictions. He filmed himself driving round Leeds at very high speeds, including one film which showed him travelling at 140mph. At his court appearance he claimed his videos were "social commentary", yeah, right.

He posted his films on YouTube under the username mrchimp2007 which kind of sums him up really.

To make matters even worse, his videos are proper shite.


Steve Spielberg this man is not! 

With crooks & idiots like this on the street the detection rates are bound to increase. ASll we need to do is sit in the police station, eating donuts & watching YouTube.