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July 12th, 2008

Strange Results

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This blogging business is a funny old lark, I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand it. One thing I’ve learn in the 3 years I’ve been doing it is that you really can’t tell what posts will provoke some kind of response & what won’t.

Take my "Those missing data scapegoats in full" article, a light-hearted look at who is to blame for all the missing data cockups we’ve been having in the last year. I filed it under "The Job – satire". These are the bits I try to put my most creative efforts (if ever there is a creative side to me). And usually take up more brain power than the rest of my stuff – probably because it takes more effort to think than it does to just slag things off. This particular entry got 4 comments in a week.

Then I go and put some rambling musings about what to do when I retire & it gets 11 comments straight away. Thanks, by the way, for the advice. I’ve got a little way to go before I need to make any decisions. Doubtless you’ll be updated when I make a decision one way or the other.

Anyway, notwithstanding the above, it’s great to see people taking part in my blog. When you scan down the page it’s rare to find a post which at least 1 person hasn’t commented on, this makes a great change from times gone by – thanks very much to everyone who does!