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July 11th, 2008

Another Government Con

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Is this bloody car tax palava a joke or what?

The spin is that if the government tax people with certain types of vehicle more, they will get rid of them & get more eco-friendly cars. Great in theory. I drive a car which is older than 2 of my kids & one of them is doing O-levels. Why do I drive this car & not a newer model? Because all my money goes on my house & my family & I haven’t got enough to buy a car.

I already have loans, I’m in debt up to my arse with a mortgage & just about managing to keep our heads above water, financially. I’ve had a piss-taking wage rise of which the government have kept part of this year. My wife & I decided it was best for the future of our family that she give up work & bring up our children, something she has done brilliantly. But even with a decent (single) wage we haven’t got enough money to replace vehicles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my income, I get paid reasonably well & my life choices (wife at home) mean I don’t have as many things as some others, but I know I have much more than a lot of folk.

I just get so bloody annoyed when the government want to raise £1.5billion extra cash they take it off the motorist because it’s easy & it’s far more difficult to stop all the bloody fraudsters taking similar amounts illegally.