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July 7th, 2008

TV Treats

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I’m watching "The Man with Twenty Kids" on BBC 1. I’m actually watching it now, live, as I type. Blogging at the cutting edge!

I’ve seen men like 49-year-old Mike Holpin, the said man with twenty kids. He makes Homer Simpson look like Stephen Hawking. A drunken layabout who is so thick he hasn’t realised that sticking your old man where the sun doesn’t shine has consequences. One of my favourite of his quotes was talking to a room full of the 12 kids he currently lives with; "Don’t fucking swear! Bunch of fucking morons, I never fucking swore in front of my parents." Class.

Mike is an alcoholic, his speciality is Strongbow. I;m quite partial to a bit that myself, I somehow now feel dirty by association. Mike says when he’s sober the day passes so slowly as he’s got nothing to do, getting drunk makes the day go quicker.

He lives in a 3-bed council house with hsi wife & 12 kids, there seem to be various associated adults around the place too. Kids age in range from 3 or 4 to teenagers. I didn’t hear whether he or his Mrs work but he did refer to his money lasting from one pay-day to the next. Maybe that’s what they call Giro day where he comes from.

Mike got done for drink driving. He ended up serving 5 1/2 weeks of a 16 week prison sentence.

Ah, he’s just said that he is desperate to work & wants to earn £500 a week but wants to quit the booze first. So no chance of him ever working, then. 

The house is typical of those houses we get the good firtune to visit on a regular basis, no wallpaper, writing on the dirty walls, smashed windows, clothes that haven’t seen a box of Daz (do they still make that?) for months. The kids look like they are just about feral.

The programme has ended now. Apparently, Mike is still getting treatment for his alcohilism & one of the problem older kids is still attending school, so that’s nice.

I don’t know whether to be annoyed or saddened or both, really. Annoyed at Mike, saddened that by his direct actions & inaction, there will likely be another 20 households in a similar state within the next 20 years, & probably much sooner in the case of the teenagers.

If you’re really lucky, you might find this on BBC iPlayer over the next week.