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July 3rd, 2008

Welcome One & All!

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I’d like to welocme lots of new visitors this week. Occasionally someone posts a link to one of my blog entries & I get loads of visitors as a result. Well this week I’ve got two lots of new visitors.

Welcome to all the folk from ‘‘ who have come over to read my entry on the chap who lost his appeal against a speeding ticket. Pepipoo is, as far as I can make out, a site where you can get loads of advice to get out of a speeding ticket. Unfortunately, the discussion of my entry on their site is blocked unless you are part of their paying members, so I’ve no idea what they’re saying. Doubtless, lots of stuff about how wrong it was that the learned professor lost his case & had to pay costs.

Welcome also to all the folks from the ‘psychForums‘ who have linked in to my story about the rapist freed from Broadmoor despite still being a grave threat to women. It seems the psychs think that the quoted phsychiatrist has got her diagnostic criteria muddled up. Personally, I haven’t a clue, but welcome all the same!