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June 29th, 2008

They must be Mad

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Has a man described as "a grave risk to women" been wrongly released from an experimental treatment programme for sexual offenders to prove that the scheme is working? 

This is what people may be asking when they learn that Lee Porritt, 33, who said of himself "…I still have fantasies about raping women. I had them in Broadmoor and they’ve not been addressed."

Porritt was jailed in 2000 for battering & raping a student in a car park. He was later sectioned & moved to a top security hospital. Two weeks ago he was freed after a mental health tribunal ruled he was well enough to be released into society.

There are two sides to every story, & I only have the Sun’s version to go on (OK, dodgy ground, I appreciate), but the decision to free him seems rather odd given the report made by the psychiatrist in charge of the case at Broadmoor.

Dr Celia Taylor’s report stated, "Mr Porritt fulfils diagnostic criteria for substance dependence, for antisocial, borderline & avoidant personality disorders and for sexual sadism. These disorders are severe and long-standing and have changed Mr Porritt’s capacity to form and maintain relationships, to cope with difficult emotions, to develop a stable sense of identity & to live up to responsibilities. More importantly they have led to him presenting a grave risk to women." She concludes, "It is my recommendation this detention should continue in light of this disorder." The report is signed off by another psychiatrist who agreed with the recommendations.

I conclude that the panel considering Porritt’s release do not have English as their first language; clearly hey have submitted the text of the report to an online translator in China which has come back with "This man has been cured of all his disorders & no longer represents a risk to females. He should be released forthwith."

It surely can’t be within the realms of likelihood that by releasing a man from a scheme which costs up to £250,000 per patient per year the authorities could show that their investment in treatment was working, no matter how dangerous the risk?


Having written the above it appears that police have detained him & sent him back to Broadmoor. Hurrah!