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June 9th, 2008

Not for all the tea…

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A police officer from Greater Manchester Police has been shot & killed in a tragic training accident today.

PC Ian Terry, 32, was shot in the chest by a colleague with a shotgun whilst undertaking a training exercise in a factory in Manchester. He is believed to be the first officer to be killed by a firearm during training since 1941.

Firearms officers often get the piss taken out of them by the rest of us for a number of reasons, often brought on, I have to say at their own hands; they’re never there when you want them, they get in on arrests & bugger off to leave the plebs with all the paperwork, they’re forever in the gym or the sun bed & wear shirts 2 sizes too small to show off the rippling biceps.

But given all that, they have to go onto the streets with a firearm knowing that if they ever have to use it they may get little support, be suspended for months or years, be the butt of endless damnation & vitriol  & face calls for them to be tried for murder. Then to top it all if something goes wrong they might end up, like PC Terry, not going home to the wife & two kids.

There’s lots of things I could do in this job, but being a firearms officer probably isn’t one of them.