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June 7th, 2008

Non-knife Crime

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A PCSO was stabbed in Grays, Essex last night. The story says it happened around 12.15am when the PCSO was stabbed several times, the weapon used wasn’t a knife.

a man & 3 teenage girls have been arrested, the man for GHB, an 18-year-old girl on suspicion of assisting an offender, a 16-year-old girl on suspicion of obstructing an officer in the lawful execution of his duty and a 17-year-old girl on suspicion of violent disorder. The story doesn’t say whether the PCSO was on duty or not.

Time was when all the disorder was down to boys ‘n’ men but it seems females want to get in on all the fun too these days. More & more I see girls fighting on CCTV. A large percentage of our disorder, threats & violence is committed by females. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, after all, it is clearly sxist & immoral to call them the ‘fairer sex’ these days, I suppose they’re just making up for all the years of downtrodden treatment.

Several people have emailed the Echo where this story appeared. Some of them voicing their outrage at such an incident but the usual suspects are there with comments like that of ‘who cares‘ from Billericay who says:

"so the police is gonna stop working until they find and charge the culprit because they have stabbed one of their own, what about all the young teenagers who have died from attacks and nobody gets caught for it.
This makes me so mad that you have to be in the force to get results, but being just a member of the public, you have to wait for an officer to be bothered to turn up for an attack and then look for a culprit."

Free speech, it’s what made this country great.