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June 6th, 2008

Don’t do it again, sonny

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Following on nicely from yesterday’s entry, there was an interesting letter in the Telegraph’s pages this week which kind of sums up what is a very common opinion of the UK police today. By way of filling up the space for today’s entry, I’ll reproduce it here:


My 21-year-old stepson was travelling by train to Leamington Spa recently when a man sat next to him and engaged him in apparently innocent conversation. A few minutes later the stranger suddenly pulled a knife out and held it to my stepson’s chest. Acting on instinct, he managed to scramble free and call the police. Four officers met the train at the next station and found the assailant, who was still armed and hiding elsewhere on the train. He was duly arrested.

A few days later, members of the Transport Police called on my stepson at home. He cancelled a job interview to see them and expected that he would give a statement and later be called upon to give evidence in court; the right and courageous thing to do. However, when the police arrived they said the attacker had been let off with a caution.

It is now my stepson’s view that the law will pursue an unpaid parking ticket but they will not deal with a man who threatened him with a knife. Is it really true that the forces of law and order are more concerned about government debt collection than with violent crime?

The government announced some time ago its intention to be tough on violent crime and only this week we see them doing it again. Is the the lady from Yorkshire who penned the above letter reasonable in her assessment? I think she probably is. If it was my child who’d been threatened with a knife I’d be bloody angry if the thug who did it was cautioned.

Why has it come to this? It’s time we stopped fannying around with people who think it’s not only acceptable to carry a knife, but who actually use one to threaten someone.