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June 5th, 2008

More Forked Tongues

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Knife Crime 

So the government’s answer to the continuing upward spiral of knife-crime, is to make sure that people who carry knives under the age of 18 should be prosecuted.

I mentioned before about the forked tongue the government speaks with in relation to talking tough on knife crime & then doing absolutely nothing about it. So on current performance we’ll have lots of extra people to prosecute (under 18s) who we’ll then let off with cautions, community service & other such ribald sanctions, but it won’t matter because we’ll have loads of new detections.

There currently is NO deterrent to carrying a knife. The legal system can’t imprison people who carry knives because for the last 20 years the government has done nothing about prison places so they have to let those that are there out early, how could they possibly put more in there?

As usual, the way they deal with problems is to talk loud and act very, very quietly.