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June 4th, 2008

Somnus Awake

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Every so often we have a training day. We’re supposed to learn things which help us to do our job better such as new legislation & procedures. We often just have repetitious, condescending training on diversity. We’re paid a full wage for training but we waste it with meaningless drivel which the social engineering department of the government say we must have. Everyone knows it’s complete shite & is not helping to break down social barriers or increase social cohesion, it just breeds resentment from almost everyone who has to sit through the drivel & gains a tick in the chief constable’s ‘I’ve done my bit’ box.

We once spent a whole afternoon designing a poster on the subject "What does diversity mean to us?" We couldn’t actually say what diversity meant to us as we’d get in trouble, we just had to say what we thought the ‘facilitators’ wanted us to say.

Sometimes we get to question the bosses. It makes no difference when re raise points of concern. We just get told to bear in mind ‘the larger picture’. You can tell the superintendent has no intention of actually answering the question you put to him, he keeps repeating the first semi-syllable of the first word of his sentence until he gets to give his speil which answers nothing except what’s on his agenda. It’s a battle of wills, he keeps waiting for the gap to interject his response & you keep talking knowing that it you pause before you get to the end of the point you’re making he will spout forth on a filibustering reply guaranteed to bore you totally shitless into either forgetting the point you set out to make or losing the will to live, whichever comes first.

I think they must go on the same course that politicians appearing on on ‘Any Questions’ go on.

The second half of training is the worst, it’s the time when you’re most susceptible to catatonic states of sleep & they always send in Ms Boring-voice 2007 to send you deeper into a state of somnambulance.

When you’ve been off for a week or so, the first day back you want isn’t a training day.