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June 3rd, 2008

Weapons of Mass Destruction

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You never know whether to put the root cause of stories like this at the foot of the government, the training of the organisation or the individual concerned.

Airport guards at the countries biggest joke of the new millennium so far – Heathrow’s terminal 5 – have stopped a man boarding a train because he was wearing a T-shirt depicting a childrens TV & film character from the ‘Transformers’ franchise.

Brad Jayakody was told he couldn’t get on a plane because security staff said the t-shirt had a gun on it. He says he changed his shirt & the security supervisor came over to tell him if he put the shirt on again he’d be arrested. (although it’s not entirely clear what he would have been arrested for).

I have no idea whether this story is true, whether it’s an April Fool joke or embellished so far beyond the reality as to make it as laughable as it is. 

I somehow have my doubts that this is really what anti-terror legislation & intelligence is really about what’s depicted on a kids tv character. If it’s legal to walk down the street with it, then why is not acceptable to wear it on a plane?


Beware this weapon of terror