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June 1st, 2008

Visionary Thinking

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So, some police forces are going to allow their officers to use "common sense" to make their decisions and not base them around whether there will be a tick in the box for an easy detection. 

The BBC News article on the matter says, "Four police forces are to abandon government targets and allow officers to decide whether to make arrests. The "common-sense approach" being tried by the Surrey, Leicestershire, West Midlands and Staffordshire forces has been welcomed by the Home Office".

Doubtless, if any good does come of this trial the government will hail it as a fresh, new, creative approach to law & order & policing & will want to retire to the lawns of Whitehall for tea & medals all round. What they won’t do is admit that the policies & procedures implemented by them have been a complete & abject failure. They won’t say either that this is exactly the way we used to police until they came in & f***ed it all up (as usual).

Has anyone noticed any similarity between their announcement of a new, visionary style of policing called ‘neighbourhood policing’ & this latest effort to claw back any shred of popularity & votes which may exist out there, somewhere (far away, presumably)?

Surely, to welcome this ‘common sense approach’ is an admission of the failure of the ‘non common sense approach’?