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May 29th, 2008


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Not really got time to post up a thought-out blog today (so what’s new?) So I thought I’d ask a question?

This will probably be only for those in the job unless employment law in this regard extends to us too.

If you get a rest day cancelled and happen to lose out financially, the job doesn’t have to pay you a bean extra. So if they give you 15 days’ notice they just change your day off and you get paid normal rates. i.e. no overtime. If I happened to be taking my wife to the theatre that night & lose out £120 on the tickets, the job just says ‘tough shit’.

My understanding is that if you are cancelled an annual leave day, then they do have to compensate you for financial loss. Is this correct? And if it is correct, are we within our rights to book annual leave on all our rest days, so that when they are cancelled we have to be reimbursed our losses, because right now, it’s beginning to look like we can’t plan anything with our families in case our day off is cancelled.

I’m not at work for a few days (leave!!!) so can’t ask around yet, I just thought there might be someone out there who knows.