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May 26th, 2008


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Some government policies are just soooo easy to mock. Take the scheme for voluntary repatriation of immigrants. 

In 2007, more than £2million was paid to bribe people to return to their own country. Critics called this a cynical ploy to meet government targets when it was clear they were going to fail to send back the 4,000 in Tony Blair’s pledge for 2007. This scheme hands over £3,000 to someone who agrees to leave the UK.

Hakim Benmakhlouf, 26, a career criminal from Algeria, must have been laughing all the way to the bank when he was handed 3 grand to agree to return to Algiers whilst he was serving a prison sentence for theft.

His M.O. is bag snatches from wealthy tourists at top hotels in London & airports. In December 1998 he was sentenced to 2 months in a young offenders’ institution. In March 1999 he got 15 months. In December 2000 he got a year’s probation, 21 months in February 2001, 30 months in June 2003, 12 months in August 2003, 18 months in October 2004 & 42 months in December 2005.

He was offered voluntary deportation in July 2007 whilst serving his latest prison sentence, paid £3,000 & sent back to Algeria. On landing, he made his way straight to Paris & was back in the UK within days of leaving, probably with a back pocket full of lovely cash courtesy the British tax-payer. He has just been sentenced to 3 more years for seven offences of theft which netted him over £16,000.

Is this some sort of sick joke played upon us by the UK government? Someone who has come to this country as an immigrant and shown time after time they they cannot abide by the laws of the land, jailed on no less than 7 occasions for the same offences and we have to pay him to leave the country voluntarily??? What I want to know is why isn’t the government kicking people like this out of the country so fast their fat, lazy, good-for-nothing arses don’t touch the runways?

It seems to me that countries like Italy & Australia have no problem booting criminals who don’t want to live by the rules out of their countries, so why do we?


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