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May 23rd, 2008

Send someone on a course

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I’ve got a course coming up!

Fantastic, a few days out of the control room learning stuff which I’ll probably never use. I probably wouldn’t use it if I had years to go, I almost certainly won’t use it in the last few months of my police career.

One of the girls on the course with me is as excited as me. She won’t use her learning either. She’s leaving the control room to go to another department. I won’t go over the reasons she’s leaving as I’ve mentioned them before. Everyone leaves because it’s such a shite place to work where you get treated like shite.

So the taxpayers are paying for at least two of us to go on a course which lasts several days, the benefits of which they will never see.

The reason that this money is being wasted is because the people who run the place don’t treat the employees as individuals. We are items on spreadsheets. This means when they have a course, they have so many spaces to fill, they fill the spaces with details off their spreadsheets & don’t know nor care whether those little numbers will benefit from the course, or indeed, whether the organisation will benefit from the little numbers going on the course.

I don’t care really, it’s a few days away from the control room as far as I’m concerned. I get to claim travelling & meal expenses too.