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May 18th, 2008

Good Bosses

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You like to think a good employer will look after its staff, what’s the saying, ‘you can’t do enough for a good boss’? The working environment is all about give & take, on both sides.

There must be something in the training manual for bosses which says that your staff will be much more productive if they are happy (or at least not pissed off).

Sadly, the people who run our department must have been in the bog during the ‘how not to fuck off your staff’ lesson.

I’ve mentioned before about the difficulties we have getting any leave approved. Just when you think things can’t get worse, it always does.

We currently have the farcical situation with blocks of leave being refused because one day in the middle isn’t granted. One of my mates has recently had 2 weeks of but had to come back for 2 night shifts slap bang in the middle, meaning the holiday he planned couldn’t be taken. Someone else put in for one day’s leave so she could move house but was refused & had to work while her husband & kids moved to a different town. Someone else has to come back from the States a day earlier than their holiday should have been because their shift is 1 under minimum strength for 4 hours on that day.

Another couldn’t take part in the London Marathon & someone else was unable to be best man at a mate’s wedding even though he’d given the department 6 months notice of the date. Someone has been given three weeks off at Christmas this year but has to come back on Boxing Day because they are short-staffed.

I have it on reliable authority that up until just over a year ago nobody would have had any of these problems & solutions would have been found.

It’s no wonder there is such a high turnover of staff.