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March 30th, 2008

Under 52

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Someone else resigned this week from the shift.

They’ve joined a growing list of those willing to put up rather than shut up. Fed up with being single-crewed even on late turns, fed up of having time-off refused & annual leave denied, they’ve told the job to stuff it.

Two others have applied for different positions in the force. I suspect the working conditions in the control room had a large part to play in their decision. One of them has been accepted by another department, nothing to do with the control room. It’ll be a refreshing change for her. The other one is a police officer who ants to try something totally different. Possibly he wants to go to a department which treats him like an adult, I don’t know.

I’ve lost count of the amount of people who say that if it wasn’t for the fact that the job is well paid, they’d leave tomorrow. The one thing everyone agress is that there is no fun at work anymore. Fun shouldn’t be a dirty word.

So that’s potentially 3 experienced controllers leaving, definately two. The chances of them being replaced will be slim, judging on the past couple of years. If they are replaced it will be by trainees who have to be taught the job by experienced controllers. This puts more pressure on staff they are sitting with because they don’t perform at the same level which means the controllers have to do even more work.

I can’t imagine how invigorating it must be just to be able to say "I’ve had enough, I’m off."

I’ve got under 52 weeks to go now…..