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March 23rd, 2008

A Force fit for Heroes

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Another day, another story abiut the police turning down a potential recruit because of political correctness.

22-year-old Craig Briggs has been turned down by Greater Manchester Police (they’re the ones who are currently at least 1 under strength at the moment) because he has ‘England’ tattooed on his forearm.

Craig has wanted to join the police since he was a child, but was told to go & get some life experience – presumably because he wasn’t black, gay or female – so he joined Her Majesty’s armed forces in the Yorkshire Regiment. He applied to the police after serving 4 1/2 years including a tour in Iraq. He was asked to send in photographs of his tattoo & was later told he had been rejected by the recruitment department.

His rejection letters stated "Home Office policy precludes applicants with tattoos on lower arm, hand, face or neck that are prominent, which may cause offence and/or invite provocation from the public or colleagues.

He was told by the senior recruitment ‘consultant’ "A family who aren’t of English origin who see England on your arm could feel you might discriminate against them."

Presumably these rules have come from the same people who refuse to let people fly the Union jack from their house or office, want all nursery rhyme words changed & want to ban Christmas. The same departments who want us to celebrate diversity as long as it’s other people’s culture & not our own.

The consultant added "we live in a diverse society and try to ensure we give equality to everyone".

I wonder how equally Craig Briggs feels GMP have treated him.