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March 19th, 2008

Rewarding Health

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With sickness being so rife around these parts at the moment I wondered how many people on the shift never went sick.

I’ve not had a day’s sickness in nearly 4 years hence I’ve not been sick since I started in the control room.

I did a straw poll & found there were 3 people who had never had a day’s sick leave. I was surprised it was so many, to be honest. They are all civilian support staff, one has over 10 years’ service, one has 6 and the third has just under 2 years.

I asked them what recognition they’d received for this, not insubstantial dedication to duty.

None. Nada. Nothing. Bugger-all. Not even a word of thanks, neither a letter from a manager or supervisor to add to their portfolio.

Apparently someone had suggested that people who didn’t go sick might be rewarded by maybe a gift token or 1/2 a day’s extra leave or even a certificate, something to recognise the achievement. The official line was that this was not possible because some people complained that it would discriminate against those who were genuinely sick. Incredible.