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March 18th, 2008

Get a Life

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Every job that the police get a call about gets its own unique reference number in the form of a log on the computer system. This records details such as how the call came in – telephone, 999, from another authority (fire, ambulance etc) from an officer or wherever – telephone number, name & address of the caller, what the complaint, information or request is all about, background information and finally, the response it will receive (none, low, high, immediate).

Not all calls result in a response i.e. officer attending, many are resulted at the point of the call, usually with relevant advice or guidance or a simple thank you for the information.

All jobs have a result code which sums up what happened & what the job was all about. This makes auditing easier for end of year stats & also to assist in planning. For instance, we can tell how many injury RTCs have happened, how many domestics, how many arrests for shoplifting etc etc.

The one code we don’t have but I think could really use is the code for ‘Get a Life’ we could call it the ‘GAL’ result. It can be used for all the calls which people think we should be dealing with but in actual fact would be a complete waste of time. This is different from all the 999s we get asking for a taxi or the number for the local laundry.

  • My ex partner told my son I was a useless mother – GAL
  • The man across the road flicked the Vs at my wife last night – GAL 
  • I want to complain about double-glazing retailers cold calling me – GAL
  • I want to complain about the police shutting the road (when someone died) making me late for work – GAL
  • My neighbour’s CCTV films me when I use our joint entrance – GAL
  • I’ve been woken up by the police helicopter – GAL
  • My neighbour’s cat poos in my garden & I want something done about it – GAL

If we had the GAL code we might be able to concentrate on real police work & assisting members of the public who actually deserve a better response.