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March 10th, 2008


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I seem to spend more of my time at work getting pissed off with everything (as I’m sure recent posts testify). I say pissed off with ‘everything‘ that’s not strictly true, it’s being pissed off with the people who (can’t) run the control room.

I’m fed up to the back teeth working late turns single-crewed, when I haven’t got time to fart, can’t update all the logs which need updating because there is too much radio traffic and everyone wants me to do everything for them, now. And fed up having to ask someone else to cover my channel whilst dealing with their own so I can go & have a leak. The last time I needed permission to have a piss was in junior school.

I’m fed up having every bloody annual leave application refused because it takes the shift ‘under-strength’. I’ve had so many refused leave applications they’re gonna have to retire me 3 months early to fit it all in. I’ve been in this job over 28 years and never before been refused permission to have a holiday in the summer with my family because some fuckwit can’t staff a department which has been staffed pretty well for 28 years to my knowledge & probably an awful lot longer.

And when I get home from work after yet another day when I’ve walked out of the control room with my head spinning and had another rest day canceled due to lack of ability to plan ahead, it really pisses me off when the bloke over the road, who has a garage & a drive & could take two cars off the road, chooses to park his bloody car in the space outside my house so I have to go down the road to park.

Sometimes it feels like I’m just surrounded by tossers.