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March 9th, 2008

ITV Nightwatch

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Tuesday 11th March 2008

00.30am – 01.30am

Steve Scott presents a show that goes on patrol and on the hunt with police forces across the UK in the never-ending battle against criminals and law breakers. Nightwatch gets closer than ever before to the hard side of life on the front line with Britain’s law enforcers.

Tonight, Bedfordshire Police deal with a group of youths who kick an empty Diet Coke can down Dunstable High Street. A special police unit in Warwickshire spend time sitting in the back of a transit van playing cards whilst waiting for a disqualified driver…who never turns up. In Cumbria Wildlife Liaison officers catch a local man sitting in a bush. The Suffolk Police helicopter is grounded when a warning light fails to go out during the annual inspection of the police observer’s boot allowance claims.

Nightwatch – making Open University Physics programmes look like Rambo 4.