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March 8th, 2008

Safe Speed

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Welcome to you if you’re visiting me from a link on the Safe Speed Forums. There have been a few over the last few days, according to my logs.

Safe Speed has been working for safer roads in the UK for several years. I’ve visited it from time to time because we share a kind of ethos in that neither of us believe the government’s approach to road safety in the last 10 years has been effective, there being far too much importance placed on prosecuting drivers for excess speed with systems which abregate responsibility for driver training & education to a little lens in a grey box & a few printed forms.

I’ve never been a believer in the slogan "Speed Kills". It’s too simplistic, yet another example of the government summing up an entire policy with a simple catchy sound bite.

The forums over at Safe Speed provide hours on entertainment. There’s lots of informed & erudite discussion on road safety & related matters. Unfortunately, there are lots of stories which basically amount to "Help me get of a speeding ticket please".

One of the best I read was a guy who wanted to get off his speeding charge because he was followed by an unmarked police vehicle & "due to matters going on with his family" (I think someone had been beaten up or was a mafia hitman or something), he thought the best idea was to speed away from the police vehicle (at speeds of 135-140mph!). There are plenty of people on the site who can give you the best advise to get off a speeding charge. I’m not a betting man, but I’d not stake much on this particular guy getting off.

The guy who ran it, Paul Smith, died in December from a  heart attack. I’d heard him on the radio a few times, funny how you build up a picture which turns out to be nothing like the real person. I imagine others have taken over the running of the website now.

It might be time to give it a bit of a redesign; it’s always had the look of one of those sites run by well-meaning individuals which could look so much more professional.