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February 29th, 2008

Still Nobody Listening

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Blimey, I didn’t think I’d need to have a rant so soon after the last one.

Turned up for work earlier this week & my co-radio operator had gone sick. Oh what fun I had, single-crewed for the whole bloody shift, and it was busier than the day subject of my recent rant. Not only was there the usual array of shite jobs coming in & going out throughout the day, there were a couple of special operations which needed a fair bit of input by me both on the radio & updating the computer. I couldn’t get round to update many more logs than the time when I got the complaint from the office-wallah, so am expecting emails to be hammered out by the time next week comes around complaining about my appalling inattention to important detail.

One helpful sole heard how busy I was on the radio so rang me to update a job with the opening word "Yeah I can hear you’re busy on the radio so I thought I’d ring", der, who the bloody hell are you expecting to answer the phone? I can only be busy on the radio or telephone individually as I don’t have 2 mouths.

And if I ask for the result of a job from you, but get interrupted before I get the chance to update the job on the computer and then get round to doing it 40 minutes later but have to ask you for the result again, it’s not really that helpful to reply with the phrase "I gave you the result half an hour ago" so that I have to ask for it a third time. After all, I didn’t point out to you that I just gave you the number of the house you went to on that job we’re talking about a mere TWO minutes ago AND AGAIN when you got in the bloody street because the pair of you have the bloody memory of a goldfish, at least it took me 40 minutes to forget a whole paragraph on my own; it took 2 of you 90 seconds to forget a two-figure number. TWICE.

And don’t talk to me about Inspectors. If I’m passing you a message about a job in another area, there really isn’t much point in asking me the ins & outs of a cat’s arse about the job; I’ve only been asked to pass a message for you to be aware of it. If you want to know what colour underpants the informant was wearing when they rang in, ask the radio operator for the town where the job is or read the bloody log, you’re sitting on your arse in front of the bloody computer. I’ve got my own bloody workload to deal with without reading 32 pages of a log I have neither interest in or knowledge of.

So there I was for the whole bloody day single-crewed. AGAIN. Because the new department which is supposed to maintain a balance of staff available at all times in the control room couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery & someone seems to think it’s cheaper to have less staff but then have people working overtime every single bloody day at overtime rates.

There are times when I can’t wait for those 200 weeks to finally slip away.