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February 27th, 2008

Not Faceless of Facebook

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The scourge of Facebook has struck again, according to the BBC News.

Hot on the tail of the officer from Northamptonshire & the Met crash glorifiers comes the following story: 

It seems a BTP Inspector who was after a promotion on transfer to Bedfordshire Police has been denied a place because his prospective new force wasn’t too happy with his Facebook entry. Insp Chris Dreyfus, British Transport Police’s head of royalty and government protection, was offered the job with Bedfordshire Police. Their checks revealed that Insp Dreyfus had been cautioned by his force over content on his Facebook entry which allegedly "included graphic details about his gay lifestyle and photographs showing him posing in his uniform at a London tube station."

Oh dear, what, police officers posting personal information on the ‘net & getting into trouble? they’ll be blogging next.