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February 22nd, 2008

How low can you go?

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Not low enough of you’re a thieving scumbag.

Metal theft has been with us for years. It used to be the old joke of nicking lead off the church roof, but is a real & concerning crime for many victims.

This particular type of offence has long been associated with some members of the ‘travelling’ fraternity who see it as their divine right to not do any work but just steal whatever the hell they want. Metal gets stolen from all sorts of places; building sites, church roofs, schools. The theft of cable is on the increase and we have seen a rise in the risks taken by some criminals to steal cable, they’ve even been known to nick it from electricty sub-stations & pylons.

Have you ever driven down a road & noticed a missing drain or manhole cover? Have you ever driven down an road & noticed all the drains or manhole covers missing? Pound to a pinch they’ve been stolen. Noticed any missing metal railings? Probably pinched. There is clearly absolutely no concern for the safety of others & I’m surprised someone hasn’t been killed by riding into a drain or manhole. They’ve even nicked railings from motorway bridges.

So how low are people going these days in their pursuits of lots of cash for no work? Well, towards the end of last year 600 brass memorial plaques were stolen from a church graveyard in Wales. Over 400 were taken from a  crematorium in Tameside. 800 were stolen from another crematorium. Last week brass plaques were taken from a  churchyard in east Anglia. Brass plaques were removed from a memorial in Yorkshire to those killed in the two World Wars.

Can you imagine the effect on a family going down to the graveyard to tend the resting place of their loved ones to discover some piece of pond-life has stolen their memorial in order to swap it for a couple of quid?

These people really are scum. I can’t think of another word for them.