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February 14th, 2008

Onward & Upward

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It struck me yesterday that I have now been blogging for 5 months with a post every single day. I can tell you that’s no mean feat. There are times, like today, as I write this at 23.45hrs, that I have nearly missed the deadline.

I took the opportunity to have the web stats emailed to me by the host who provides the webspace for this blog. I have to admit, this was somewhat inspired by Inspector Gadget reaching a massive 1 million hits – well done to him!

In September 2005 I had a total of 60 visitors who visited a total of 176 times and loaded 483 pages. A year later there were 1,347 visitors who visited 5,736 times with a total of over 10,000 pages. By September 2007 I was getting 1,800 unique visitors loading nearly 20,000 pages.

Things are looking even better for 2008; in 2007 I had a total of 220,000 hits (page loads). We’re only  one & half months into the year and already I’ve got 53,000 hits. I can’t even blame this meteoric rise on my friends, colleagues & family since none of them know I do this thing called blogging.

If things go as they have been I’ll be well on my way to 1 million hits some time in 2009, not bad for a little blog which doesn’t have anywhere near the following of the ‘Big Three’. Maybe I should aim for 1 million hits before the 200 weeks is up (which will be in the first half of 2009).

It would be great if more of you ‘quiet’ readers would join in.

Thanks to everyone who told me where they found this blog & how long they’ve been reading it, that post alone got me a record comments list. There’s still time to help me with it, just visit the Home Work post.