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February 1st, 2008

Bloody Hell!

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I apparently, have a reader who is a nurse in A&E, Mousie. She commented on my previous post about drink driving as I suppose be both see the aftermath of such, only we see it slightly earlier than she(he?) does.

Mousie kindly made an entry on her(his?) website saying "If you’ve never read 200 weeks before, now’s the time" & linking to the drink drive video article. So if you’re visiting this blog as a result of following the link on Mousie’s blog – welcome, and big thanks to you, Mousie.

The reason for the gratitude is that my hit rate in the last 24 hours as somewhat rocketed – well in my terms it’s rocketed, I expect many others are used to seeing figures well above what I reach.

To give you an example, when Inspector Gadget added me to his links, he became the best referrer to my blog over & above David Copperfield’s by maybe 3 to 1. Today, 42 people visited me from his blog. I’m usually happy if I get over  200 unique visitors a day so a quarter of them coming from him is quite impressive. I have had over 300 visitors I think twice, my maximum being 316.

I’ve just logged on to make up something for today’s post only to see that Mousie has sent no less than 150 visitors and yesterday I had 417 visitors, today I have 579 – 274 above my record!!

Cheers Mousie, I’ve not linked to any non-police blogs yet, so in honour of your patronage, I’ve added a link!