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January 8th, 2008


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There are a couple of (ex) police officers this week asking themselves ‘why, oh why’.

Inspector Masood Khan of the British Transport Police, admitted having sex with a woman whilst on duty in an office at Gatwick railway station in July 2006. He has been dismissed following a misconduct hearing.

The officer is said to have met a 43-year-old woman on a website for people looking to date people in uniform. He was seen on CCTV going into an office at the end of a platform whilst he was the senior officer on duty in the south east rail network. He was found not guilty of wilful misconduct in public office at Southwark Crown Court last August, telling the court he was in contact with his office by mobile phone & radio during the sex session. Well, that’s alright then.

He was dismissed at his misconduct hearing this week.

Elsewhere, an unnamed officer has resigned from Bedfordshire Police for something which probably seemed like such a wheeze at the time. At the shift Christmas bash the officer gave a ‘secret Santa’ gift to another officer on the shift. The recipient of the gift was a Muslim officer. No problem there as presumably the Muslim officer had agreed to take part in the fun to buy a present for someone else. The problem came when he opened the present from the unnamed officer to find his gift consisted of a packet of bacon and a bottle of alcohol. How they must have laughed.

The ‘wag’ appears to have either owned up or been found out a couple of days later and has resigned with immediate effect. The Diversity Officer in Bedfordshire must be wringing their hands in anguish of the wasted cash used to send someone like this on all the courses.

I’m often amazed at the rank stupidity of some people in the job. You often joke about how, if you were going to risk your career & pension, it would have to be for something pretty damned tempting, like finding the Crown Jewels on the back seat of your patrol car, or finding a Brinks-Mat security truck broken down & unattended at the side of the road whilst fully laden with the keys in the door. The truth is rather less spectacular with people such as the above shooting themselves in the groin for something so bloody stupid.