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January 7th, 2008

Fetch My Slippers

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What a refreshing change to hear about a judge who is not afraid to speak out against the tide of lovey-doviness British justice is sinking in.

Hurrah for Judge Richard Hayward who has spoken out against a recent case of Human Rights card-playing.

Convicted drugs dealer, Amir Ali, was jailed for almost 4 years in September at the end of a police operation costing a million quid. He was due to be brought from prison on the Isle of Wight to Lewes Crown Court in Sussex so the Crown could sieze his assets.

Imagine the learned judge’s consternation when he was told that Ali had declined to leave his cell to attend court. The Judge said, "I didn’t know that prisoners could choose whether or not to come to court. I just assumed they would be scooped up by a burly prison warden and dumped in the back of a van. Now I hear this prisoner is refusing to leave his cell and no one’s doing anything about it. Once again, it’s down to barking mad human rights rules."

Julian Woodbridge, the barrister defending the criminal said, "Mr Ali refused to leave his cell this morning because he is comfortable there and doesn’t want to lose it. There is a shortage of comfortable prison cells in this country, so he was obviously keen to hold on to his."

In the words of another police blog, you couldn’t make it up.

Still, we should be encouraged to learn that the case is being dealt with by a judge who can clearly cut through the crap and get to the nuts and bolts. You might expect His Honour to demand the accused to be brought forthwith & without ceremony before the court, whereupon to be returned to the deepest, darkest shite-hole of a cell the legal system can find, there to remain for the rest of his sentence with a year or two added on for contempt of court.

Showing exactly how much the judge has his finger on the pulse of the nation’s feelings, he adjourned the hearing saying, "If he doesn’t turn up (next time) then we will simply go on without him."

I expect Mr Ali is quaking in his fur-lined duvet.