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January 6th, 2008

“…and then she goes….”

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I spend half my time in the control room sending officers to deal with meaningless drivel.

Previously, in the days before common sense was illegal, when Kayleigh phoned in to report that Leah had called her a bitch & a slag in the street & threatened to "sort ‘er aaart" we were allowed, nay encouraged, to tell her to get a life and speak with someone what cared.

Now we have to spend 4 days going round to Kayleigh’s flat to find her out, ringing her 6 times a day to speak with her voicemail only to be told to "forget it", whereupon we have to say "too late, you’ve reported a crime, we have to waste our time and speak with you face to face". The final result is very often along the lines of both parties have been told to grow up, no offences.

Sadly, common sense & discretion has been replaced by the biggest arse-covering exercise policing has yet known. Everything is recorded, just in case.