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January 2nd, 2008

Wasted Opportunities

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I came in today to find that someone else has resigned. That’s another person who will no longer put up with the piss-poor working conditions in the control room.

I don’t understand it personally. After all, we work in a give & take situation; we give and they take. Take, take & take again.

They’ve run down the amount of staff working on the radio control side of things in favour of lots of staff to answer the phones, (phone answering times is a measured government target). This has several effects.

Firstly, the radio operators, who are often under a great deal of pressure have to do even more without any help. Radio channels are often single-crewed. Stress levels are increased. Minimal staffing level targets are never decreased in line with the continuing trend to minimise the staff required for each shift hence getting annual leave approved is almost impossible. Single-crewing radio channels often means that the radio channel is not monitored as it should be because the controller is making one of the tons of phone calls which  they need to attend to.

Da Management don’t appear to have grasped the very simple concept that to get the best out of your staff it pays to keep them reasonably happy. If people can’t even be allowed to take the leave & time off due to them & repeatedly get knocked back for time off, they are going to take it out on the job, be very unhappy about being at work and not do their best while they are there. Everyone suffers, the room staff who have to work in that atmosphere, the police officers on the street who don’t get the level of service they should, and the public. There will be more stress & more people will go sick. I speak to people on all the shifts at some point during our roster and more & more are saying that for two pins they’d leave. More & more are saying they won’t apply for leave for an important engagement they may have, they’ll just go sick because that’s the only way they are able to get the day off.

The Chief Inspector who runs the place has no idea how to get the best out of their staff.