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December 31st, 2007

Happy New Year

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Well it’s my last New Year’s Eve working as a copper (provided I stay on same the shift pattern) because next year my shift are on rest days and the one after that I’ll be a pensioner!

When I was younger I used to try and ring my Mum on New Year’s Eve. I couldn’t always ring just after midnight but I tried to do it as near as possible. This was before mobile phones, so you had to have access to a landline. I’ve rung her from some weird & wonderful places. Several times I’ve called from Casualty and only once because I was the patient. I’ve even rung her from the mortuary. That’s a strange place to be wishing someone a Happy New Year.

I’ll be in the control room tonight around midnight. Whatever I’m doing I know it won’t involve having sufficient time to make a private phone call to my mother and there’s no point in wishing here as she hasn’t got a computer. I’ll give her a call some time tomorrow.

But as you are here, I’ll wish you a Happy and safe 2008. It’ll be my last full year as a police officer. Everyone I know who has retired says the last year won’t last long. I don’t care, I’m on the final straight.

Best wishes….