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December 21st, 2007

Christmas Cheer 2

Posted in The Job - Satire by 200

For the overwhelming response to my last creative opus, you can have another.

To be sung to the tune of "Away in a Manger"


Away with the fairies the Home Sec. must be,

If she thinks her plans are all hunky dory,

Our payrise decreases and it’s no surprise,

That whilst ours go down the MPs’ wages rise.


The job is not easy this year twelve have died,

With thousands more injured we’re hurting inside,

We just need a sign that you really do care,

We don’t ask for much we just want what is fair.


Be near me my credit card I ask thee to stay

Under my limit for just one more day,

No pressies for children’s what the Home Office did

When they didn’t give me my two hundred quid.