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December 18th, 2007

Pass the pen

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We can’t strike, we can’t take any form of industrial action, we can’t belong to a union but worry not, there is positive action we police officers can take; we can sign a petition on the Downing Street website, hurrah!

In fact we can sign several, some are a little more successful than others:

What a great concept. Allow the minions to create petitions right on the government’s own website, show them how much say they have in formulating social policy, let them feel involved by actually participating at the very source of politics itself, and then completely ignore them.

There are some wonderful petitions on the Prime Minister’s website.  Dani Kiernan is a concerned citizen; he has a petition "to Reform the police force and not make this country a police state". There surely won’t be many people who disagree with him, after all, who wants to live in a police state. Unfortunately, the populace don’t appear to agree. He has a total of 6 signatures.

Rather worryingly, Christopher Eaton has a different perspective. He has his heart in the right place because he wants to "get rid of some of the rules which prevent our police from doing it’s job" and so say all of us. But he believes the way to do this is by petitioning the Prime Minister "to have a brutal Police Force much like the Police Forces of mainland Europe and the U.S.A". And more people agree with him than those not wanting a police state, er that’s 4 more people, he has 10 signatures.

All human life can be found on the PM’s website. You can find people who want stab vests issuing to all PCSOs (28), those wanting to start Volunteer Police Cadets in all forces (31), abolish PCSOs (71), protect funding in North Yorkshire police by scrapping proposed changes (381), to have more police officers on the streets (19), enforce police drivers to abide by the same laws as the rest of us (10). Only 6 people want to improve policing in our rural villages. 3 people in Wiltshire want the police to stop closing their enquiry offices. 9 people want an inquiry into Nottinghamshire Police’s poor performance. Only 1 person wants Kent Police to stop placing wrecked vehicles on roundabouts every Christmas. Given the overall distaste for speed cameras, it’s surprising that only 13 people want to stop building more speed cameras and use the money to hire more police.

There are loads more and that’s just police-related petitions.

The one thing they all have in common is that all of them will have precisely bugger-all effect on the government’s decision-making process.

If you’ve got a few weeks to waste you can see them all at the e-petitions website.