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December 12th, 2007

That Radio Show in full

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Well, not mcuh to report about the aforementioned Radio 5 prog. It was on last night from 23.00hrs and the first half hour was dedicated to ‘Should the Police have the right to strike?’

gadget wasn’t on there, neither was anyone else who said they were a blogger. The talking heads were some guy from (I think) Dorset Police Federation, who was on the kind of ‘pro’ side to the debate although didn’t want to strike at all. The ‘anti’ side was some geezer who said he’d been on some crime squad somewhere who sounded like he served with DCI Gene Hunt, I’m not sure when he retired but I suspect some time ago, he clearly had no concept of what modern policing was like. His attitude was basically ‘quit bitchin’, get back on the street and arrest a burglar. If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined’.

A few people phoned up, some serving coppers who wanted a ‘fair deal’ and a few people who basically said the police are shite and don’t deserve a pay rise.

There was nothing new really, no new insights and we didn’t learn anything we don’t already know or expect.

You can here it again for a few days, via the BBC website.