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December 11th, 2007

Saving our Bacon

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Now that David Copperfield is in Canada & PC Bloggs ((No, I’m not linking to her site, she never bloody links to mine, bah humbug)) is busy promoting her book I guess the BBC are looking deeper into the barrel. The BBC were busy emailing today trying to get coppers to speak on the Richard Bacon show tonight at 23.00hrs regarding the police right to strike.

Sadly I declined the offer to appear on the show partly because I’m still protecting my pension but mainly because I’m a scaredy-cat.

It should be an interesting show, I wonder if Insepctor Gadget ((Hmm, not sure why I’m linking to him as he’s never linked to me either)) will be on. 

December 11th, 2007

Up the Workers

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Sergeant Says has a call to action on his blog regarding the ‘police pay issue‘. He reckons we should all go to Parliament Square on the 18th December & meet all the MPs leaving parliament on their way home for their usual 3-week Christmas break.

The Police Federation have other ideas, this Wednesday they intend to hold another meeting whereby all the Police Federation reps will have an all expenses paid jolly up to London on the strength of the monthly fees I pay.

I quote from the Met Fed’s website:

Next Wednesday, representatives of every Federation in England and Wales will be meeting in central London to examine how a powerful, coherent and sustainable strategy can be devised and implemented. We will ensure that the strength of our members’ feelings is made very clear.
Meanwhile, the Police Federation of England and Wales is already exploring the possibility of a legal challenge to Home Secretary’s interference.

Yeah, Ok then. They’ll actually just sit around saying how disgusted they all are, someone will do a TV interview saying how disgusted they are the the government’s treatment of all us hard-working police officers. Some government mouthpiece will say how proud they are of our great police service and then spout some drivel about fiscal policy. And then precisely nothing will happen.

Perhaps we all ought to turn up on Gordon’s lawn on the 18th. I’ll see if I can get the Federation to fund my trip down there.