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December 10th, 2007

Dad’s Working, Again

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Another Christmas, another bank holiday working.

I’ve worked Christmas all my adult life, it’s gotten so that I don’t really know what Christmas is like for ‘normal’ people. When I joined the job I was a young single lad, still a teenager. I always volunteered for Xmas Day so that the married lads with kids could have the day at home.

We used to work a system whereby because we got paid double time on a bank holiday, the job couldn’t afford to have everyone work so half the shift worked Xmas Day, the other half worked Boxing Day. I always said if you wanted to commit crime do it on a bank holiday as there’s only half the amount of coppers as normal. And we didn’t go out on patrol. It was the one day of the year we were actually allowed to sit around the nick watching Noel Edmonds & eating mince pies. It was like the last day of term at school, no work and we could bring games in.

I spent the first few years working Xmas Day, then. In those days the shift rotation meant that your shift was probably on duty for 6 or 7 years on the trot, then by the time you came for guaranteed rest days at Christmas, if you were really lucky you got transferred to another shift or nick and started at the wrong end of the cycle. When I got married, I still volunteered for Xmas Day because we didn’t have kids. So if my shift was on over Xmas, I invariably worked.

Then I had kids and by the time the first got to an age where she knew what Christmas was, I no longer had the choice whether to work one or the other, we were on depleted shifts so you worked both. I reckon in nearly 30 years I’ve had 6 or 7 Christmas days off.

Double-bubble is all very well but families are important. My kids don’t get to have the day with their dad, much like throughout the rest of the year. This year I get the luck of working lates at Christmas & nights at New Year so that’s me knackered for a fun Christmas.

Still, not long to go now & then they can shove their Christmas working where the sun don’t shine…